Why Google Slides could be costing you dozens of hours in lost productivity

Google Docs have garnered a lot of attention recently as the productivity suite of choice for startups, entrepreneurs, and anyone on a budget. As a slide professional, I have extensively used Google Slides and other programs, but I keep coming back to PowerPoint time and time again.

1. PowerPoint is FAST for formatting. Because of keyboard shortcuts and the possibility of customizing the toolbar, a slide professional can rip out basic PowerPoint slides in 30 minutes or less (excluding graphical work). WithinGoogle slides, the same content takes us 2–3x longer on average simply because we cannot apply the same shortcuts or formatting tools. I understand that not everyone is a slide professional, however, just using the customized toolbar below (not available in Google slides), can save an average user dozens of hours a month.

Although these functions are available through the tabs, accessing them immediately saves you crucial seconds with every click of the mouse.

2. PowerPoint is everywhere. Most companies use Windows and thus Microsoft office for their productivity needs. Even Apple offers a version of PowerPoint that is very similar. If you are sharing a PowerPoint document with someone inside or even outside your organization, chances are they will be able to view it without ANY additional downloads. In addition, unlike some other tools, most PowerPoint documents have an email shareable size of under 20MB

(A Google slide doc can be shared with anyone who can access an external link, that is true, but the compatibility with other programs can sometimes be a hassle).

3. PowerPoint is evolving. Every few months, new features are added to an already existing tool. And because PowerPoint is built for business, these features generally make it easier for a user to build stunning presentations.

a. Icons: recently Microsoft introduced very useful icons and continues to add new ones. If you’ve ever worked with icons, you know that conveying the right message using icons is quite challenging. PowerPoint already has most icons that you need for a business presentation.

b. Zooming feature: remember Prezi and all the hype that came with having a linear presentation that zooms in on certain items? Well, PowerPoint has all that functionality as well.

4. PowerPoint is easy to use as well as powerful, perfect for all skill levels.

a. Beginners — PowerPoint offers customized templates while displaying all the basic tools right from the onset so anyone can make a presentation.

b. Experts — I touched on this earlier in the speed piece, however, I’d like to detail it further. PowerPoint has advanced functionalities, is customizable, and becomes a very powerful tool for advanced and expert users. For example, a user can make their own shapes or customize icons thus having rudimentary graphics tools at their disposal. Additionally, the photo editing tools are also fairly decent allowing one to remove the background, crop, and/or change the color of a photo with ease.

I’d love to hear your thoughts on what you use to make presentations. Have you found a better presentation tool than PowerPoint and are the advantages you have found?

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